Smooth coats do not only occur in Lhasa Apsos, they also appear in other long coated breeds. Until today, (January 19, 2000) I had only seen pictures of smooth coated Havanese. This morning I received this email with 5 pictures attached of a smooth coated Shih Tzu:

I have attached some photos of our "smooth" shih tzu, Miss Pebbles Poo. She is AKC registered but clearly does not look like a shih tzu. She is a dead ringer for a tibbie. She has always been smarter than most of her breed and is very talkative. Pebbles fur is silky soft all over, rarely mats and never grew on her face. Pebbles just turned 14 years old this month.

Please feel free to post her photo on your website about Prapsos.


Marla and Christopher Williams
Irving, Texas








Here's a picture of another smooth coated Shih Tzu:


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