HA M I L T O N / T I B E T A N / S H I H   T Z U   I N F L U E N C E

© 2006 Betty Ingram and Monique van Boxtel


Throughout time there has been a lot of confusion over the terms, full or straight Hamilton versus Tibetan verses the Lhasa Apsos with the Shih Tzu influence.



The Full Hamilton or Straight Hamilton lines origated when Suydham Cutting went to Tibet and met the 13th DaLai Lama. There was an exchange of gifts and eventually the Cuttings received 8 dogs from the Dalai Lama. The Cuttings then imported 2 bitches from Shanghai, China. The names of these dogs are:

  • Hamilton Bidgy (female, Tibet)
  • Hamilton Tsingtu (female, Tibet)
  • Pehma (female, Tibet)
  • Hamilton Chusul (male, Tibet)
  • Hamilton Sarong (male, Tibet)
  • Tundu (male, Tibet)
  • Hamilton Tsaring (male, Tibet)
  • Le (male, Tibet)
  • Shanghai (female, Shanghai)
  • Lhassa (female, Shanghai)





Shanghai was owned by Mrs EJ Barber, and Lhassa was owned by Mr H Catlin. Both had litters at Hamilton Farms so it's assumed they must have been leased at one time. Not all of the above produced either, Pehma never had puppies. Tsingtu only had 1 litter that can be found and none of them bred on.



There are several lines that I feel fall into the Tibetan category. The Tibetan lines consist of dogs imported from the Himalayas who are bred only to dogs with Tibetan heritage. England had also imported dogs from Tibet and Nepal. These dogs would be Tibetan, but not considered as full or Straight Hamilton. Listed below are some of the first known imports.

  • Gloria Fowler of Everglo Kennels in the USA purchased Cotsvale Meeru (male) from England who is down from Tibetan imports.
  • Mrs. Albertram McFadden of Lui Gi kennels in the USA imported Chumpa of Furzyhurst (male) from England, who is also from Tibetan imports.

Far later some breeders imported dogs from the Himalayas to widen the gene pool. Here's an overview:

  • Gerald D'aoust was presented with Lhasas when he made a pilgrimage to Nepal and India. The dogs were presented to Gerald by Lama Gyan Yeshe. These Lovely Lhasas are very typical of the ones I visited in India at Whigham Kennels.
  • Mumta Khanna, who has crossed over, inherited her Lhasas from her parents and Uncle. Her Father and Uncle were part of the Indian Army who assisted with the exile of the Dalai Lama into India. Both were presented with a pair of Lhasas. Those Lhasas are the foundation of Whigham's Kennels.
  • Kerstin Handrich & Gertie Bracksieck of Traschi Deleg Kennels in Germany were able to import a bitch into their kennel after a trip to the Himalayas.
  • Inge Panitz received a Lhasa as a gift from the Royal Bhutanese Family. Later, along with Gerrti Breaksick she impoted another Lhasa from Bhutan.

The Shih Tzu influence

Around the 50's England sent 7 dogs to the USA which were registered by the American Kennel Cub as Lhasa Apsos. Later it was discovered that they were actually Shih Tzu. In a Full/Straight Hamilton or Tibetan line you ill never see any of these 7 dogs in it's pedigree. The Lhasas that have any of these 7 dogs are said to have the Shih Tzu influence and will not appear in the pedigrees of the Hamilton and Tibetan Lhasa Apsos. The English Shih Tzu imports are:

  • Mai-Ling of Boyden (female)
  • Fardale Fu Ssi (female)
  • Yay Sih of Shebo (female)
  • Linyi of Lhakang (female)
  • Lindi Lu of Lhakang (female)
  • Wuffy of The Mynd (female)
  • Kota Tang (female)