Lhasa Apsos - the original type


Ch. Tong-Hua B'ter Po-nya
Ch. Everglo Bo's Karma
Ch. Tabu's Talisman of WA
Ch. Tall Oaks Xtra Special
Ch. Lamel Tong-Hua Tenzin Gyatso Bo
Ch. Everglo Anya of Bo
Everglo Song Pan Tu-Borg of Bo
Ch. Chiyoko's Social Climber
Ch. Chiyoko Nik Ki of Laran
Ch. Arkay Copper Top
Ch. Arkay Robbee's Blaze O Glory
Ch. Reve Blanc Des Coquins
Ch. Misty Mystery Des Coquins
Ch. Jarmila Des Coquins
Quadi Des Coquins
Ch. Fu Kao Kahlua
Ch. Fu-Kao Quelle
Fu-Kao Ink Street
Ch. Fu-Kao Manhattan

Thanks to my friends which contributed pictures of their dogs. Very special thanks to those who put in the enormous effort in breeding and preserving the original type of Lhasa Apso!