Please meet El Minja's Oindra, call name Indra.
Indra is a Dutch Prapso girl.

Indra is champion sired and was sold as a normal Lhasa.
Permission to publish Indra's pictures and registered name
was given to me by her owners Wilfred en Karina Lohmeijer.



Wicket, a Prapso girl


Wicket helps Cooki nursing her babies



A litter of 6.  The second and fourth puppy is a Prapso


Second puppy, about 8 months old


Fourth puppy, about 8 months old



Kaisho, 3,5 months old


Same age as above


Kaisho, 7 months old




Whinnie, pictures taken at 8 weeks old


8 months old



Whinnie now, sleeping together with her playmate Maisie



This is Princess, an American Prapso girl.
Her owner Linda always wondered why she did  not
grow long hair on her face, but now she knows why.
It doesn't make any difference, she loves Princess the way she is!

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