Wa Tsa-Mo Tong Hua of Bo


Molly, dob 26-09-2004

Molly is co owned by Betty Ingram, Monique van Boxtel and Vesna Krajnc


Ch. Tabu's Pure N’Simple Of Sodee Ch. Tabu’s CL Take Over Sin-Sa’s Double Take
Ch. Tabu’s CL Sierra of El-Tut
Ch. Tabu’s Jorja Brown of SoDee Ch. Tabu’s on The Road of Pandan
Tabu's Absolut of So-Dee-Lha
Chiyoko's To Be Continued Ch. Chiyoko's Special Delivery Ch. Chiyoko's Little Drummer Boy
Ch. Chiyoko's Sweetheart
Tall Oaks Tibetan Treasure Tall Oaks JussE'Nuff K-Te
Tall Oaks Mo-Cha Li-Lha ROM



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